‘Imagine your Frope’

Aerial Rope Factory


Aerial Frope, manufacturers of aerial covered rope (corde lisse). Store specialized in aerial circus

We made personalized ropes and trapezes adapted to every acrobat and space.

“Imagine your frope”


The inside of Frope is made of nylon fibers what makes our ropes are more fluffy and adapted better to the hand grip.

Good grip

100% cotton cover made with a special thread and an “american style” framework which offers a better grip on the acrobat`s tissue and the skin.

Lightweight and easy to hang

Its materials are designed to get a light rope and easy to handle in the air and for a easier transport. Its stainless steel drop is ideal for conecting with any type of climbing carabiner.

Security certificate

Our ropes have been tested by the company “AIMEN Technologic Center” and offer a maximun load of 26 KN until the cover is broken and of 44 KN until the rope breaks.

Aerial Frope

Our products are the result of years of manufacture and desire for improvement. All these years were good at getting the best materials and an artisan technique that guarantees the quality and, above all, the safety of our ropes.

We have a wide catalog of aerial ropes and aerial circus equipment that you can find in our online shop.

Aerial Frope: A craft process

“We believe that specialization is the way to get the best product. Exclusive dedication to the manufactures of ropes… only that. Aerial ropes for demanding rope acrobats”

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Aerial Frope
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